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The McIntosh Family is synonymous with caring for their livestock and pets. McIntosh Pro Line strives to provide excellent all natural supplements for our companion pets.

Jump Start Plus
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Jump Start Plus


It happens all the time: puppies and kittens develop problems with respect to the poor absorption of colostrum, insufficient
mother’s milk, poor digestion, infections and slow growth. Ensuring that the mother is capable of passing on all the necessary
substances is crucial to the healthy development of the newborn. However these preventive measures are not always possible.
As a result, Jump Start Plus was developed in order to minimize developmental problems during the first hours of the
newborn’s life.
Jump Start Plus is your first answer to improving the immunity in the newborn, especially with puppies and kittens that are
slow to nurse and for large litters. Jump Start Plus is an appetite stimulant specially formulated to get newborns up and nursing
fast. Jump Start Plus protects the newborn while on the ground and because it gets them nursing in a very short time, it allows
for the greatest utilization of the mothers antibodies.
Jump Start Plus provides premium colostrum, essential nutrients and critical direct fed microbials (probiotics). With Jump
Start Plus, breeders now have a naturally formulated tool to enhance survival and promote optimum response, critical for
optimal health and growth.
Jump Start Plus is packaged in an easy to use 32ml dial-a-dose syringe.
Available size: 32 ml dial a dose syringe