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The McIntosh Family is synonymous with caring for their livestock and pets. McIntosh Pro Line strives to provide excellent all natural supplements for our companion pets.

Enviro Shield 1kg
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Enviro Shield 1kg


As a member of the family, we share our houses with our pets. Wherever our pets live in our house, we must also deal with the consequences of living with moisture and ammonia. This is an obvious problem when we refer to cat litter boxes, bird cages and small enclosures for gerbils and hamsters. We know that wherever there is moisture, moisture becomes the ideal breeding ground for bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites to grow and thrive; creating an environment that is unhealthy for the pet and unhealthy for us. Enviro-Shield™ is a powder that is naturally derived and designed to be applied to all animal housing that will prevent pathogens from growing and thriving. Enviro-Shield™ creates a drier and fresher environment without being corrosive or harmful to our pet even if it is eaten. Enviro-Shield™ is simply sprinkled directly into an animal’s cage or litter box at least three times per week or when necessary. Animals or birds do not have to be removed during application. Don’t be caught with uninvited guests like bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites living in your house – you’ll be happy (and relieved) that you discovered Enviro-Shield™.
Available size: 350 g shaker & 1 kg