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McIntosh Pro Line Natures Dentist 12oz DMac Biscuits 20lbs
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The McIntosh Family is synonymous with caring for their livestock and pets. McIntosh Pro Line strives to provide excellent all natural supplements for our companion pets.

Gain for Pets
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Gain for Pets

McIntosh Pro Line Gain for Pets

Gain is a power supplement that will help your animal 'gain' performance in the following: muscle mass, energy levels, healthy weight, fuel muscle during performance and enhance recovery time. Gain is a unique blend that provides highly digestible fats, proteins, and carbohydrates to support the nutritional needs of animals in need of a performance edge or have inadaquate body weight due to performance and or illness.  

    * 'Gain' healthy weight for athletic, breeding or unhealthy animals.
    * 'Gain' & maintain musculature.
    * 'Gain' a healthier skin and coat.
    * 'Gain' quicker recovery following exertion for breeding, sport and working animals.

Gain is the most advanced product available to help your animal 'Gain' the advantages it needs without subjecting to the stresses of unnecessary overfeeding. Gain can be used with all ages and breeding animals.