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McIntosh Pro Line Natures Dentist 12oz DMac Biscuits 20lbs
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The McIntosh Family is synonymous with caring for their livestock and pets. McIntosh Pro Line strives to provide excellent all natural supplements for our companion pets.

DMac Biscuits 5lb
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DMac Biscuits 5lb


A natural alternative for the support of hip, joint, and connective tissue functions in dogs of any age.
Because age, breed, diet, life-style, injury, and stress can affect the health of any joint's structure and function, DMac™ designed to meet the needs of your dog! DMac™offers your dog an effective line of defence, whether your goal is to support existing "healthy" tissue and joints, or to bring relief and improved function to the aged or injured animal.
McIntosh Pro Line DMac™ biscuits fed daily will enhance joint care & joint health for your dog. Each biscuit (approximately 10 grams) provides:
Glucosamine HCL.....500 mg
MSM......................... 650 mg
Chondroitin Sulfate 75 mg
Ester CO©....................100 mg
Shark Cartilage.......... 50 mg
Yucca.......................... 50 mg
Prepared with wheat Flour, Pearled Barley Flour, Peanut Flour, Rolled Oats, Carrots, Celery, Water Cress, Spinach, Soy Oil.
Directions for use:
5 -25 lbs; One biscuit per day
26 - 55 lbs; Two biscuits per day
60 lbs and over; Three biscuits per day
Our DMac™biscuits are professionally prepared and carefully baked.
Once your dog has tried DMac™ you will be asked for more !
For more information on DMac™ click here to download a pdf
Available sizes: 1lb – 454g & 5lb – 2.27 kg