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McIntosh Pro Line Natures Dentist 12oz DMac Biscuits 20lbs
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The McIntosh Family is synonymous with caring for their livestock and pets. McIntosh Pro Line strives to provide excellent all natural supplements for our companion pets.

Digest-Aide 1kg
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Digest-Aide 1kg


Dietary indiscretions, “garbage” gut, stress, poor digestion and antibiotic use – these are all common issues that upset the integrity and balance of our pet’s stomach. If not managed properly, these problems result in poor nutrient absorption from food, diarrheas, gastrointestinal upset, weight-loss, dehydration and overall poor health. Digest-Aide is the stomach’s natural first-aid. Digest-Aide was designed to be your “sentry”; it’s on guard when you cannot be protecting and balancing your pet’s stomach for optimal digestion and health. Pets with pre-exiting stomach problems will benefit from Digest-Aide ’s rapid results to help establish populations of desirable microflora and to expel toxins and bad bacteria that cause diarrhea and GI upset. A healthy stomach is a healthy and happy pet. Digest-Aide is a powder that is easily top-dressed onto your pet’s food.
Available size: 350g and 1kg